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The Curawaka Live Experience

Kveldskonsert med Curawaka.

The Curawaka Live Experience
The Curawaka Live Experience

Tid og sted

15. juni 2024, 21:30 – 22:30

Hovedscenen, Eidsfoss, Norge

Om arrangementet

Curawaka is an international music group of unique soundscapes, mixing elements from indigenous traditions, traditional Latin-American folk rhythms and soaring melodies from Scandinavian folklore. Curawaka has spent years living with, and learning from, indigenous tribes all over the globe. Their music is rich with harmonies from the natural world, with songs that echo the movement of a worldwide native culture, and celebrate the voices of First Nation Peoples, their spirituality and relation to the land.

Their debut album, "Call Of The Wild", released in 2019 on Nixi Music, launched Curawaka into wider public awareness. With hits including "Noku Mana", "Cuñaq", "Te Nande" and "He Yama Yo", they have reached the hearts of not only global underground earth warriors, but also the larger scene of alternative music, especially fans of folk and world music.

They released their second and much awaited album "Dreamtime" in Autumn 2023 with fantastic reception. In 2023 alone their two albums received over 10 million plays on Spotify and YouTube, with numbers constantly rising.

The Curawaka Live Experience invites us on a journey through earthly existence and our heavenly beyond. With their exquisite and unique musical craftsmanship, guided by Norwegian vocalist Anna Bariyani's luminous clear voice, the quintet weaves a magical tapestry through sound and soul, with stitches of world root rhythms and celestial melodies, through fabrics of waking and dreaming reality, with visions of hope and union, and the core prayer of a sacred world rising.

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